#4 How founders get investors begging to fund them with Alina Klarner

By Ben Kimura-Gross
Published January 25, 2024

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In this episode of the Talking To Investors podcast, I'm speaking with Alina Klarner of Impact Shakers.

We discuss:

  • The deal Alina missed out on when a startup got too many funding offers! (and how this founder achieved that)
  • Why great founders don’t try to “win deals”
  • How giving up competitiveness will give you a competitive edge
  • What investors prefer you to do instead of asking for money
  • The #1 reason why investors ignore your outreach
  • Warning: if you do this, investors will ignore you
  • Why even a perfect fit investor might not fund you - even if you have a sound business
  • The top 4 superpowers of every successful startup
  • The worst thing you can do when an investor says something you don’t understand
  • What matters most to impact investors to maximize impact AND returns
  • Is VC funding really your best option?

Want to know more about Alina Klarner?

If you think Alina Klarner would be a great investor for your startup, you can reach out to her here: 

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