#9 How Evan Davies Takes The Pressure Out Of Fundraising & Sales – While Closing More Deals

By Ben Kimura-Gross
Published June 13, 2024

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In this episode of the Talking To Investors podcast, I'm speaking with Evan Davies, CEO and co-founder of Scrapp.

We discuss:

  • The crazy level of commitment you get from people you can laugh with, and how to make that happen
  • The greatest boost you can give your fundraising - without an investor
  • Why reaching out to investors via lists hardly ever works and what you should do instead
  • How to stop overcomplicating building rapport with investors
  • How triggering the desire to help can get you a lot of warm introductions
  • The biggest green flag for VC funds
  • The top 3 reasons investors decided to fund Scrapp
  • How to get social proof for more warm introductions
  • How to assess what kind of investor you should look for and avoid wasting time with a bad fit
  • The worst thing you can do that’ll fracture your relationships and kill rapport instantly
  • Why you should stop asking investors for money if you want them to fund you

Want to know more about Evan or get in touch with him?

► Evan's LinkedIn profile:

► or visit Scrapp here: www.scrapprecycling.com

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