Are you a sustainability professional and want to learn top-notch persuasion and negotation skills?

High-level persuasion and negotiation skills for sustainability professionals

Then you've come to the right place.

I'm going to show you exactly how to:

  • make people really listen and understand you
  • get the best deals
  • get your boss to want to implement your sustainability proposals.

My change from big pharmaceutical clients to sustainability

Ich habe die letzten 15 Jahre für große Pharmakonzerne gearbeitet.

Als negotiator.

Das heißt:

Ich habe sie trainiert einen kühlen Kopf zu bewahren.

Ich habe ihnen geholfen die besten Deals zu bekommen.

Konzerne, die einen Dreck auf Nachhaltigkeit geben.

Bis mich ein sehr guter Freund, [Name einfügen, wenn bekannt], gefragt hat:

“Ben, warum stellst du dein Wissen nicht denjenigen zur Verfügung, die es dringend nötig haben?”

Ich kam ins grübeln.

Er hatte recht.

Ich war über die Jahre durch Weiterempfehlungen einfach in diesen Kundenkreis hineingerutscht und mir nie richtig Gedanken darüber gemacht.

Dann habe ich die Entscheidung getroffen:

Ich helfe Sustainability Managers, CSOs, und Sustainability Start Ups.

Wenn du in diesem Bereich zu tun hast, dann helfe ich dir:

  • Wie du die absolut besten Deals zu bekommst.
  • Wie du gehört und verstanden wirst.
  • Wie deine Vorschläge tatsächlich umgesetzt werden (ohne wenn und aber).

Pushing boundaries on negotiating & facilitating change.

I'm invested in training company-internal changemakers:

CSOs, sustainability managers, Chief Environment Officers, etc.

To increase their impact.

No more incremental baby steps, no more bad compromises, no more greenwishing or greenwashing.

I'm 100% invested in training the people in charge of sustainability to negotiate every measure as if their children's lives depended on it.

Because they do.

I'm inspired by people I've met who are willing to, in their own words, "put my head on the chopping block if that's what it takes."

Fearless commitment is the one component (and with all the new sustainability jobs out there, what's to fear?).

The other component: high-level persuasion and negotiation skills.

Understanding how organizational and behavioral change are best facilitated.

Then making it happen.

As Gus Speth noted,  the CLIMATE science is good enough. (And we could say the same about technological advances and data collection.)

But we've been bad at using insights from BEHAVIORAL science to improve how we drive change.

Want high-level persuasion skills?

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About Ben.

As an author, AAAS member and negotiation trainer with over ten years’ experience, Ben Kimura-Gross is obsessed with behavioural biology and persuasive psychology.

He’s coached many prestigious clients, including global corporations and the German government, and armed them with the tools they needed to get what they want from some of the toughest Goliaths alive.

Ben also cares deeply about mitigating climate change and environmental degradation.

That’s why he’s so keen to help greentech and sustainability professionals reinvent industries and create a clean, fair and free world.

When you win, everyone wins.