You’ve had enough of being pushed around in negotiations.

No gratitude, no appreciation, slow results (although you could do so much more).

You’ve had enough of others getting praise and attention.

You want to be taken seriously, listened to, and persuade.

You want to make an impact.

Then you've come to the right place.

Because I’m going to show you exactly how….

  • to get great results every time (not just a one-hit wonder)
  • to strategically control any conversation
  • to not get manipulated (and believe me, you are)
  • to stop accepting bad compromises
  • to stop people from working against you
  • to bend their reality to want to work with you

Because you never get what you deserve.

You get what you negotiate.

My switch from big pharma clients to sustainability pros

I’ve consulted shipping, real estate and pharma corporations for 17 years.

I’ve coached Goliaths to keep a cool head and get the best deals.

Goliaths who prioritize profits over planetary health.

Until a very good friend, Gavin Allwright, who negotiates at the UN for cleaning up the shipping industry, told me:

"Ben, you’re training the wrong people. You should be training people in sustainability.

Drop whatever you’re doing. THIS is what you need to be doing.”

And I did.

I took a deep dive, gave up well-paying clients, the network I’ve built over the last decade, and committed 100% to helping people in 

  • sustainable shipping
  • greentech
  • ev transport & logistics
  • renewables & grids
  • water filtration
  • impact investment
  • policy advocates
  • and regenerative agriculture.

The things that’ll get us through the crisis in one piece.

We face an amazing, safe and healthy future, if we empower the right people in the right positions to transform the way we do business.

Hi, I'm Ben Kimura-Gross

I'm a negotiation trainer, coach and father.

As a trainer, I help people reach their full potential in negotiations.

I show them how to easily walk around the roadblocks that are put in their way.

As a coach, I help individuals prepare for crucial negotiations to achieve the best possible outcome (without bad compromises).

As a father, I want to help that my 17-year-old daughter has the chance to grow up in a healthy world.

That's why I'm 100% focused on coaching sustainability pros and greentech startups.

Because I believe that these are the changemakers who are in positions to truly impact the world we live in.

And they're also the ones' who lack severe persuasion skills compared to the Goliaths they're usually up against.

If you want get your fundraising up to speed get my free ebook about finding your dream investor here.

Convince crackingly.

Get crackin' 🙂