How startup founders close their deals after 90 minutes of coaching with the pilot method

"Doctor !!!"

The nurse rushes into the operating room.

On the bed in front of her, a patient with a bleeding hand.

The patient had slipped with a kitchen knife and cut into his left hand.

"Doctor, what should we do?" the nurse asks.

The doctor remains cool, doesn't even flinch, and replies:

"Obvious, isn’t it?

We have to cut his arm off."

How founders butcher their deals

Founders rush into deals like this doctor and try to close the deal by applying random “overkill measures.”

For example, I’ve seen:

  • Price dumping (granted, that’s more like cutting your OWN arm off)
  • Trying to persuade with a benefits list (a battle you lose after 7 seconds)
  • Trying to out-argue their client’s concerns

But somehow they just can’t get over the last hurdle.

Something is blocking their customer.

But they have no idea what it is.

So, how can you protect yourself from crash-landing like that?

I learned the right way from pilots.

How I stole the secret of successfully closing deals from pilots

All pilots have a "Bible."

It is a checklist, and they have to follow it to the letter.

No one cares about “talent.”

The checklist is king.


It's a matter of life and death.

And just between us:

It's also a matter of life and death when a founder tries to close a deal.

No deal = no money = startup dies.

I got rid of the "trial and error" principle 17 years ago because I love to make deals.

And I do not want to leave it to chance.

Like a pilot, I put together a checklist.

I go through this checklist every time before I close a deal.

And that's what I do with my clients.

The result?

Deals that they never thought possible.

Sometimes not even me.

Here is an example:

I recently coached two founders.

They have been trying to close a lucrative deal with their client for TWO YEARS.

At this point, they stood to lose them:

Their client owed them $5,000, wouldn't pay, and put the project on hold because "it's obviously not working."

After 90 minutes of coaching, they not only got the $5,000 back, but a contract that pays them $150,000 a year.

You see, my coaching not only helped these founders close their deal but multiplied their results.

Because they didn’t have to guess what works.

If you want to stop guessing, keep reading.

Stop guessing what works and close THIS deal now

What you don't need now are general skills or months of negotiation training.

You don't have time for that.

After all, you have a million other things to worry about.

What you need is just 90 minutes of intensive coaching that fits like Freddy Mercury's tight jeans.

Why only 90 minutes?

Because I won't teach you everything I know.

Only what you really need.

I spare you the theory detours - you can implement everything I show you immediately.

I'll leave the blah-blah to others.

If you want a plan that’ll get you results, you'll love my coaching.

“Ben, why don’t you just join the negotiation and help me close the deal?”

I keep getting requests from founders to join their negotiations.

For that, my starting fee is €3500+.

Because when I join a negotiation, I do all the work.

That takes time, and my time is limited.

I just don’t have the capacity to help all comers.

But there’s a secret backdoor: this 1-on-1 coaching.

In it, I’ll serve you the knowledge I’ve acquired over 17 years on a silver platter.

What my 1-on-1 coaching can do for you - and what it can’t

If you buy my 1-on-1 coaching and follow my step-by-step plan …

You will experience:

  • How we develop a winning strategy in just 90 minutes that will get you results.
  • How you’ll make a stronger impression than a baseball bat on a watermelon.
  • How to guide the conversation exactly where YOU want it to go.
  • How to close deals in one meeting that previously took months or even years.
  • How to shift the power balance in your favor.
  • How to no longer feel like you’re "begging," but make your customer happy to buy from you.
  • How to get them to give you more AND love you for it.

My 1-on-1 coaching can do all that for you.

But I'll also tell you what my coaching can't do.

My coaching doesn't do anything for you:

  • If you're uncoachable.
  • If you just want to "win" - at your customer's expense.
  • If your product sucks - because then your customer might buy but will hate you later.
  • If you buy this coaching just to feel better, but won't implement our strategy.

My point:

This coaching is for doers only.

For startup founders who want to close deals and make money.

And do it the fastest way possible without spending weeks dabbling in negotiation theory.

"I don't have a talent for negotiating. Can I still make it happen?"


Talent can be helpful.

But talented people are often one thing:


I'll let you in on a little secret:

I was not born with the gift of convincing people.

Quite the opposite:

Imagine a “definitive list of dumbest negotiating mistakes” - half the points would be my originals.

So, why do I close more deals faster than those with "talent" now?

Because I worked my ass off for the last 17 years.

And I've developed a 5-step system that I apply hard as nails for every negotiation.

And that's exactly what I'm going to do with you.

We’ll plan a clear process for your negotiation that helps you keep laser-focused on your strategic goal and not get sidetracked.


I'm not saying my system is idiot-proof (idiots shouldn't build businesses anyway).

But if you can follow the step-by-step instructions for building an IKEA sideboard, you can implement my system, too.

Who is my close-the-deal coaching for?

For founders who:

  • want to turn a pain-in-the-ass client into a believer who’s happy to buy from you
  • are stuck in sales negotiations for a long time and need help to finally close the deal
  • want to turn a verbal agreement into an enforceable, written contract
  • delivered a loss-leader PoC and needs to move towards generating revenue
  • have been talking to a person without decision-making power and need to go higher up the food chain to close the deal
  • want to get a bigger chunk of the value on the table, AND stay well-liked while doing so.

Success warning: "Magic-Bullet-To-Win-All-Negotiations Idiots" shouldn’t buy my coaching

Negotiating is a chess game.

No one move will ever win the game. 

No one statement or question will ever get you the best deal.

So, being responsible adults, we both know:

I can't "guarantee" you results.

Because your negotiation success is based on three factors:

  1. your strategy,
  2. the actual quality of your product or service,
  3. your ability to implement what you have learned.

I'll give you the first, the other two are up to you.

What I can guarantee:

After our 90 minutes, you will have a precise plan that will deliver results.

And you get the fastest way to close your deal.

Here are a few more notes to make sure we understand each other correctly:

  • I'm not teaching you a "magic formula" that can invalidate any counterargument.
  • My results and those of my clients are real, but I don't guarantee you the same results.
  • Only buy my coaching if you want what's best for your client, too - otherwise, you'll close the deal but destroy the relationship. (and bad biz karma is a bitch!)
  • You will be able to apply the techniques you learn not just once, but throughout your life - massively increasing all your negotiation successes.

Let's summarize what exactly you get:

A complete strategy, based on my checklist, adapted to your negotiation.

After our session, you’ll know exactly:

  • How to make your customer want to buy only from YOU and forget about the competition.
  • How to flip the most important "switch in your customer's head" to get them to buy.
  • How to convince your customer to buy NOW and not "later" - which usually means NEVER (without immoral tricks)
  • How to gain your customer's trust and make them feel grateful for buying from you
  • How you disarm the most critical customers and make them want to close the deal with you
  • Don’t worry about remembering every detail you learned in our session: I’ll record it and send you the video

How much does the 90-minute coaching cost?

My coaching costs €297.

What if I need more than one 90-minute coaching session?

In the Precall I can already assess whether you need more than just one session.

It depends on your specific situation.

But I will tell you BEFORE you book your first coaching session with me.

Mandatory: The 15-Minute Pre-call

I insist on the pre-call for 3 reasons:

  1. To make sure we get along on a personal level.
  2. To understand at what phase of the deal negotiation you’re in.
  3. To agree on the scope of your goals, so I can prepare you to get the best deal possible.

Get the fastest way to close your deal:

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