You’ve got an important negotiation coming up and can’t afford to lose?

Negotiation Bullshit-Bingo

Which of these statements is bullshit? 

  • You need 37 different skills & techniques to win.
  • You need months of training.
  • You need more experience.

The solution:

All of them.


Because for the specific situation you’re facing, you only need 90 minutes.

Trainers who say you need to learn “everything” won’t help you.

I understand them - I also offer a 6-week training.

But that’s not what you need.

You need practical solutions for a practical problem NOW.

Book your 15-minute pre-training call with me now (and rock your next negotiation)

Why isn’t the pre-call free of charge?

I don’t want to waste your time, and I don’t want you to waste mine.

So if it’s not worth €10, it’s not important enough.

No guarantee (but a promise)

My goal is to prepare you for your upcoming negotiation so that you can drastically increase your chances of success.

But for reasons you understand, there’s no guarantee.

There are too many variables, some of which I can impossibly influence.

What I will do is:

  • help you identify your mistakes and fix them,
  • train you to respond smartly under pressure, and
  • to stay focused on your strategic goals.

We’re going to develop a clear strategy that will help you confidently navigate the decisive challenges of your upcoming negotiation.

Why I’m so “expensive:”

I don’t consider my time expensive. It’s valuable. Because I’m going to SAVE you a lot of time (and money).

Which you probably don’t have if you are looking for my 1-on-1 coaching.

Most trainers will sell you several weeks of coaching.

Because they have a set of techniques that they think you should learn.

But really, you only need 90 minutes.

Sure, I’ve also got a bag of 1000 tricks.

But most people only need 3 skills!

The 3 that will help you get the results you need in your situation.

“Ben quickly identifies special requirements and applies his extensive knowledge to them. He puts himself in his clients’ shoes and adapts solutions precisely to their needs. Practical. Applicable”. - Chief Inspector, German Police

Once you book my coaching (after our 15-minute pre-call):

I will send you an email with questions you need to answer.

Send them back to me, and I will do my homework in advance.

Then I can advise you optimally from minute 1.

Who I don’t work with:

  • people not in the sustainability / regenerative field,
  • people who celebrate greed,
  • people involved in complex multi-party negotiations (4 or more parties).

I work exclusively with people who are active in the sustainable / regenerative / circular space

And with people who lead negotiations with

  • clients,
  • policy advocates,
  • investors,
  • business partners, or
  • managers & leaders within their company.

If you want to make a positive impact, I’d love to work with you!

Click the button below to book your 15-minute pre-call: