High-Level Persuasion Skills

The 7-Step-Formula to Get your BOSS to fight for YOUR sustainability projects

And help you implement them (against any resistance).

Nothing is more frustrating than being in charge of sustainability when none of your ideas are getting implemented.

You plan and argue, explain and push - but nothing changes.

It becomes more and more difficult to stay motivated.

You start doubting yourself.

You wonder who’s crazy. You? Or your company’s decision-makers…

You feel like you’re bashing your head against a wall.

But you don’t have to.

There’s a much simpler way.

And that’s what I want to share with you today.

Do You Try To Convince Decision-Makers With Logic, Facts And Figures?

I also tried that for a long time.

What a terrible mistake.

Don't get me wrong:

Those should be the decisive factors.

And in a world where people dance on rainbows and fart cotton candy, they would be.

But in the real world, it’s nonsense.

We do not decide primarily based on logic and facts.

People are much more stubborn and willful than we give the human race credit.

“My boss just doesn’t get it.”

The sad truth is:

Many sustainability professionals never or only partially achieve their goals.

I don’t have to tell you. It’s tiring.

So many sustainability experts told me their bosses “just don’t get it.”

Many of those I've been talking to have thought about quitting.

And maybe you have, too.

But don’t just yet.

I’ve got a solution for you.

I had to learn the hard way that “facts and figures” don’t work. 

There is a much easier way to get what you want.

The Negotiation That Completely Changed My Life (and how it improved every negotiation since)

Before I became a negotiation trainer, I used to work in the shipping industry in Japan.

High stakes, $500.000 deals in half an hour. 

Rough tone, rough negotiations.

We used logic like blows to the head.

But then I got into the hardest negotiation I ever faced.

Separating from my wife while trying to keep custody of my child.

In a foreign country that doesn’t give custody to fathers.

It took 6-years.

Nothing worked - all my skills failed me.

I grew tired of pushing hard, fighting with logical arguments where no logic exists.

I had to find another way.

For my own well-being and for that of everyone involved.

And I did.

I learned to persuade without force.

Now, my ex-wife and I are on good terms, and I have a great relationship with my daughter.

And we realized that there was an unseen enemy in the room - until we unmasked it.

And that changed everything.

How did I do that?

That’s what I’m going to show you in my 7-step-persuasion-formula.

The 7-Step Persuasion Formula

In my persuasion formula, I show you:

  • How to get your boss to 100% support you and your sustainability projects.
  • How to go into a negotiation with a strong strategy before it even starts.
  • How you can make your boss understand you, see you and appreciate you (and how this helps you achieve your goals).
  • How your sustainability proposals no longer gather dust in a drawer but are implemented with speed and conviction.
  • How to get your boss wanting to work only with you from day 1.
  • How you DON'T have to kick down doors, but instead, get your counterpart to invite you in.

Who Is My Persuasion Formula For?

For sustainability professionals:

  • who want to make a real difference.
  • who are sick and tired of being abused to clean up their company's image while the dirt-spewing continues.
  • who are just starting to learn about persuasion and negotiation.
  • who are new to their company and want to start off right.
  • who have been with their company for several years but want to increase their success at getting projects implemented.

What exactly do you get in my Persuasion Formula?

  • 7 HD videos that explain everything step-by-step. Straight to the point and without fuss.
  • Checklists, worksheets, links and essential resources.
  • My 7-step system for successful persuasion and negotiations.

Additionally, I’ll show you:

  • The best techniques to get your projects implemented FAST.
  • How you can change others’ perception of sustainability from “annoying” to “imperative.”
  • Strategies for getting others to go the extra mile for you.

Does This 7-Step Formula Really Work?

I’ve been training top communicators for a dozen years.

And I keep coming back to this formula.


Because it works.

It’s the foundation of all other skills you can learn.

And you can apply it in the real world from day one.

One of my clients, a biodiversity consultant, was being treated like “the little guy” in negotiations with a major corporation.

The purchaser made ridiculous demands.

And my client knew he needed to speak to the CTO, too. (Not just the purchaser)

But this guy kept blocking him from talking to higher-ups.

(Typical “my deal, my glory” attitude.)

So my client used the techniques you’ll find in videos #2, #5 and #6.

Then he made one clear ask.

Take it or leave it.

Suddenly, the CTO and other higher-ups were invited into the talks for structuring a deal, and my client got what he wanted.

Talks at eye-level, great pay, real biodiversity impact.


Another client used these skills to continuously negotiate for more decision-making power in his company.

When he started out, he was allowed to decide on deals of up to €35,000.

The problem: 

It took his boss too long to give the go-ahead for bigger deals.

They lost a LOT of opportunities.

Using my formula, he built so much trust with his boss that within 18 months, he raised his clearance to €2 Million.

Let's recap what you get from me:

  • 7 HD-Videos, in which I explain my system step-by-step.
  • Video #1: Five simple questions that get your counterpart to tell you everything you need to know (and why they are so effective).
  • Video #2: How to stop arguing and discover your counterpart's true intentions.
  • Video #3: How Nelson Mandela became one of the greatest negotiators in history. And one of his powerful techniques that's so embarrassingly simple you'll wonder why you didn't think of it yourself.
  • Video #4: How to filter out the essentials of any conversation and use that to bring them around to your way of thinking.
  • Video #5: The #1 mistake even experienced professionals make before going into a negotiation (and how you’ll avoid it).
  • Video #6: How to align your interests and become more effective and faster at getting what you want.
  • Video #7: How to persuade your boss to back your projects 100% by overcoming your bad reflexes and learning to respond strategically (even under stress).
  • All the training material, including worksheets, I use myself when going into negotiations.
  • Unlimited access + all future updates of this course.

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What my customers say

Working with Ben has been one of the best experiences of my business life.

With his skill set, Ben is able to break up what looks like roadblocks or unsolvable hardened fronts. Actually, he feels challenged and even more motivated to do his magic in complicated situations.

Christian Fu Mueller

CEO of recilio

Ben was a great lecturer who taught us negotiation skills in a relaxed atmosphere and a pleasant conversation partner and person. Thank you for the huge help and commitment!

Written on a thank you-card from my course participants.

Managers at german board of education

Ben Kimura-Gross taught a course on Negotiation Skills in the 2022 summer term of my M.A. class on Organizational Communication at Worms University of Applied Sciences. With a great mix of theory and practical examples and exercises, Ben captivated my students, and taught them skills relevant to their future life in management positions. The feedback from the students was very enthusiastic!

Dr. Andreas Moerke

Professor of business administration, intercultural management, and business ethics

When my boss said, "Finance is 80% communication and 20% numbers," I thought, "I'm in the wrong movie." Then I took Ben’s course. Now, I say it myself: Communication and negotiation are the name of the game - because I see the results. Thank you!”


IT Group controller

"I had a difficult TV interview, with the presenter attacking me. It was essentially a public debate about the meaning of activism. Ben showed me how to look at viewer perceptions from different perspectives & gave me a repertoire of fast action one-liners to change the dynamic of the interaction. A way to set clear boundaries, in a calm and self-confident manner."

Todd Smith

Climate Activist & Extinction Rebellion Spokesperson

I honestly didn't believe that you could radically change something as fundamental as your communication style in just 14 days. The conflicts I had with my supervisor disappeared into thin air.


Product designer

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