How to find your perfect match investor in less than 5 weeks and convince them to fund you

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Nothing is more frustrating than looking for investors.

You write tons of emails and get a "no, thanks" at best – in most cases, silence.

You wasted time you could have used for doing truly important things.

Motivation dwindles to zero.

You start doubting if you can pull this off.

At the same time, you see other startups get millions faster than selling ice cream in the desert.

What do they know that you don’t?

They’ve understood one thing:

It’s all about the perfect match.

"Why should I look for 'perfect-match' investors? I just need the money"

For two reasons:

Number one:

You're wasting a massive amount of time If you just go "looking for money."

Many startups simply see the word "investor" on a social media profile but don't think about whether they're investing in their industry, at their stage, or even in their country. (Let alone whether they're mission-aligned.)

That’s like choosing your life partner based on the size of their bank account.

And completely disregarding their personality.

Of course, that’ll get you money, but at what cost?

That brings us to reason number two:

Choosing the wrong investor can cripple your startup instead of building it up. This happened to one of my clients, Sandra.

She runs a successful Greentech startup but took money from bad investors at the beginning.

They turned out to be real bulldogs:

  • grasping, manipulative micromanagers 
  • with exaggerated expectations and a short fuse, 
  • who exploded whenever things didn’t go 100% according to plan.

(Hey, it's a startup - things never go 100% according to plan!)

It took her years to get rid of them.

That's why it's important not just to win any investor for your idea.

And that's what sets my system apart from the others.

What this Mastermind can do for you

  • The fastest way to get investors - even without a network.
  • Reduce your time spent on fundraising by 90%.
  • Free up more time to create your amazing product.
  • Create a list of 20 perfect-match investors in just 1 day.
  • Thrive amongst like-minded peers, motivating you to get the best deals.
  • Stop relying on costly database subscriptions or special paid apps.
  • Introduction to 5 impact investors during our calls.
  • Be perceived as competent from the very first contact.
  • Stop getting ghosted: increase your outreach response rate to over 50%.

This Mastermind is for you, if you

  • want a step-by-step guide to finding perfect match investors
  • don’t want to waste time fundraising
  • don’t have a network yet and want to build one, fast
  • have a network, but the investors don’t feel like a good match
  • already reached out to lots of investors but barely got a response
  • have been offered bad deals and don’t want to take that nerve-wracking detour again

What my customers say:

"18 calls with perfect match investors in 6 weeks"

Rutvika accidentally landed a spontaneous pitch on stage + 3 meetings with the speakers

As a very early-stage startup founder, I have so many things I’m working on and I focused on the things that felt a little bit more urgent.

But the thing is, building relationships with investors takes time. Your course has helped me to stop procrastinating and start right now with a clear step-by-step roadmap.

Now that I’ve done it a few times, it feels kind of logical and easy but when you have never done it before it’s not as obvious.

Kseniya Dockhorn ‧ Founder

What 99% of all startups regret

I’ve spoken to many founders who’ve successfully fundraised.

And I ask them what they'd do differently if they had to start all over again.

Their answer, invariably:

"I should have started looking for investors much earlier. Long before I needed the money."


Smart investors don't want to jump into bed with you on the first date.

They want to get to know you first, build a relationship and then decide whether they want to marry you.

I’m not using this image lightly:

All investors I’ve spoken to call the investor-startup relationship a "marriage" - because it's a deep, long-term commitment from both sides.

And building that kind of relationship takes time.

Time that you won't have when you suddenly, urgently need money.

So, the question is:

Can you afford to NOT start reaching out to investors now?

“I’m not investor-ready yet. Why would investors even meet with me?”

I keep hearing excuses from founders about why they’re not looking for investors yet:

  • “My financial plan has holes the size of Jupiter.”
  • “I have zero traction.”
  • “My team is still missing a [insert executive position here].”

So why do some founders seem to get funded “immediately”?

Because no matter what stage they're at, they never stop getting to know new investors.

What’s the advantage?

  1. You’ll have a network you can access when you need funding.
  2. Investors will tell you what they expect from you if you want to get funded (this is invaluable advice).

“If you ask for money, you’ll get advice. If you ask for advice, you’ll get money.”
- Philip Haverkamp, Investor

Don’t believe this lie: “Finding investors is a numbers game”

Recently, a founder told me he’d got an investment.

He was so happy!

Because he had worked so hard to get it.

He’d contacted 300+ investors.

Hundreds of hours just to find one.

Time he could have spent better developing his product, marketing, sales, getting traction, etc.

What a massive opportunity cost!

His attitude?

It’s a numbers game.

Don’t get me wrong.

Contacting 300+ investors also works.

But there’s a much smarter way.


If you know exactly

  • which fish you want to catch
  • in which pond it lives, and
  • which bait works best.

And that’s what I’ll show you in this Mastermind.

Fancy tools are overrated

Be careful with expensive apps, databases and subscription services that promise to get you investors.

(Like “The ultimate VC and family office contact list” for “only $1,999”)

I've bought a list for twice that amount.

And it turned out to be completely useless.


Because I didn’t know what to do with it:

  • I didn't know which of the 2,500 contacts to prioritize because nobody told me how.
  • So I just started working through the list from top to bottom.
  • After about 200 cold contacts, I gave up because the response rate was ZERO.

I was frustrated and felt like I had flushed money down the toilet.

And what’s even worse:

This data could be found for free on the internet.

Someone had just gone to the trouble of collecting it.

And I, like an idiot, bought it.

I don’t want anyone else to go through that BS.

That's why I created an idiot-proof system (for people like me) that was self-explanatory and easy to implement.


With my strategy, you don’t have to spend a dime on tools.

All the tools you need in this course are free and uncomplicated.

I barely talk about the tools but about the steps that get you to meet investors.

90-day results guarantee

After you’ve implemented the 10 steps in this Mastermind, you’ll have

  • a list of 20+ perfect-match investors ,
  • scheduled at least 5 first meetings, and
  • you'll be well-prepared to handle them expertly.

If you don’t get those results, send me your list and screenshots of your outreach messages by email, I’ll analyze them, and we’ll book a 30-minute call to figure out why you didn’t get the promised results.

This guarantee is valid for 90 days after purchasing this Mastermind.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you've attended every session, completed every task, taken every step outlined in my mastermind, and still don't get the results I promise on this page, I will give you your money back.

(One condition: You have to show me that you implemented my strategy. That you actually did the work.)

You are never alone

I am here for you.

You can ask me specific questions by e-mail and you’ll get a specific answer.

No, it won’t be a chatbot or an assistant in India - it’s me, personally.


There’ll be a private LinkedIn group for participants to network and help each other.

One thing I can’t promise you

I cannot promise that you’ll get funding.

No-one can guarantee that, except one person.


If you execute.

Let's summarize exactly what you get:

  • Module 1: The #1 reason why 99% of founders waste their time contacting the wrong investors and the simple 5-step process to get a higher response rate while doing less
  • Module 2: My secret weapon to filter out the 98% of investors you want to avoid - and narrow down your search
  • Module 3: A clear path on what to look for and where to find it, without getting overwhelmed by information overload.
  • Module 4: The easy way to find people who are easy to connect with and will open doors for you (warm intro to your favorite investors)
  • Module 5: The three best ways to 10x your perfect-match investor contacts
  • Module 6: How to stop “begging for money” and start attracting serious interest from investors
  • Module 7: The backstage pass method: Building a more efficient outreach that gets higher response rates
  • Module 8: The friendly smile method: Inspiring trust to get higher response rates 
  • Module 9: three steps to finetune your outreach process to increase your chances of getting responses
  • Module 10: How to get investors to invite you to the 1st meeting [including templates and workflows]
  • Unlimited access - including updates and bonus material!

Our 5-week schedule:

  • Kickoff: May 29th
  • 10 live zoom calls (recorded in case you miss one)
  • Wednesdays and Fridays at 10-11 am CEST 
  • Open Q&A, 11-11:30 after each call (for questions, catching up, etc)
  • Plus 2 personal check-in sessions, 60 min each
  • Wrap-up: June 28th  

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