Negotiating With Goliath

The Fastest Way To Convince Powerful, Irrational Decision-Makers To Listen, Understand You, And Commit To 100% TRUE Climate Action


You missed out!

It’s simple: the green transition won’t happen without effective negotiation.

To create the world you’re working towards, you need to know how to deal with heavy-hitting decision-makers – Goliaths – who don’t see things your way.

In this all-encompassing negotiation course created specifically for greentech pioneers and sustainability leaders, you’ll learn how to get exactly what you want, to achieve all your strategic goals – without settling for less.


  • Learn powerful negotiation techniques (including mirroring, framing, labeling, and lots more).
  • Become comfortable with making the hard ask, and delivering potent questions that create room for negotiation and put you in control.
  • Discover the subconscious effects on decision-making to more effectively sway your counterpart.
  • Master your built-in emotional triggers, and learn how to keep a clear, calm and compassionate head.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of trust-building techniques, and improve your negotiation results in all areas of life.

What you’ll learn

Everyone knows the story of David and Goliath.

But, in real life, David’s crushed 99% of the time.

The solution?

Forget the slingshot.


Negotiating With Goliath is the smart, science-backed approach to dealing with brick-wall counterparts.

This negotiation and conflict resolution training is all about getting what you want ethically without breaching your boundaries.

How it works

  • Live Zoom sessions every Tuesday for six weeks.
  • Small, personal workshops with like-minded professionals.
  • Situational role plays (up to three people at once).
  • Inclusion in our exclusive mastermind community.
  • Free session recordings to download and rewatch.
  • Bonus inspirational audio clips EVERY weekday.

How to win without fighting in 6 steps

Week 1

Align your actions with your goals

Avoid being manipulated into saying and doing things that aren’t in your best interest.

Improve your impulse control & strengthen your strategy.

Week 2

Influence your counterpart's subconscious

Let a confident mindset guide your tone of voice, your facial expressions & body language.

Experience the agility of tactical empathy.

Week 3

Build trust, rapport, and bridges

Listen well; lay the groundwork for changing your counterpart’s mind (BCSM, ‘go for no’, emap).

Put them in the driver’s seat, let them feel in charge.

Week 4

Overcome your counpart's resistance

Master negotiations with irrational, destructive people.

Learn to deal with biases, warped cognition, and attacks – calmly.

Week 5

Push your counterpart's "Oh shit, this is important!" -Button

Tell the story that makes sense to them & makes them act.

Avoid set-backs and bad compromises.

Week 6

Secure implementation of your agreements

Instill & secure a desire to act.

Test good faith / bad faith.

Get real commitments instead of lip service.

Make it last.

What my Clients say

‘Crunching minds’, my old motto, was all about data superiority. Now: ‘Nobody cares what you know ’til they know you care.’

Alex R.

Government advisor, sustainability

I procure tech components. It’s competitive. Understanding my counterpart’s ‘why’ helped me negotiate better win-wins.

Mark L.

Tech Procurement

We face tough negotiations. Ben’s training works. It gave me clarity. It keeps me level-headed when push comes to shove.

Daniela W.

Chief Inspector, German Police

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This six-week negotiation course kicks off on May 9th, 2023.

All negotiations are unique, so first I’ll call you to understand your training needs, and then confirm your spot.

As an author, AAAS member and negotiation trainer with over ten years’ experience, Ben Kimura-Gross is positively obsessed with behavioural biology and persuasive psychology.

He’s coached many prestigious clients, including global corporations and the German government, and armed them with the tools they needed to get what they want from some of the toughest Goliaths alive.

Ben also cares deeply about mitigating climate change and environmental degradation. That’s why he’s so keen to help greentech and sustainability leaders reinvent industries and create a clean, fair and free world.

When you win, everyone wins.